What is AttachMint?

AttachMint is a new simple application where you can send files up to 2GB in size! You can also store, share and access your files anywhere, anytime.

Why AttachMint?

We are small time designers and got sick of paying too much for way too many features we never used. AttachMint is a simple affordable solution without all the 'extras' you probably don't need.

What 'Mint' are you?
What currency is AttachMint costs quoted in?

All costs quoted for AttachMint services are in US dollars. We recommend you use http://www.xe.com/ to work out currency conversions.

I sent the file(s) & they did not receive it?

Most of the time SPAM filters are the cause for not receiving the email. The best way around this is to include yourself as one of the recipients.

Another option is use the link option and just send the file to yourself, then when you receive the link, forward the link to your recipient.

I got an error before it completed the upload!

It is hard to know exactly what caused your upload to fail. Generally it means your computer lost connectivity to the internet during the upload. Restart your browser and/or your computer and then try to upload the file again. If you continue to have connectivity problems, contact your Internet Service Provider to find out if they're experiencing any problems in your area.

Can I access a file removed from my account?

No! Files deleted or self destructing files cannot be accessed or returned.

Can I use AttachMint to backup my files?

AttachMint is NOT a file backup service. As such, we do not maintain backups of files that are transferred through the site. All deleted or self destructing files are removed promptly and a hardware failure could result in the loss or damage to some files.

As such, it would not be wise to use AttachMint for backup purposes.

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Sending Large Files Over Email A new simple solution
With AttachMint you can deliver files up to 2GB in size. Store, access & send files anywhere, anytime! No ads EVER, No waiting time, Fast global content delivery network.
Transferring Large Files Over Email Safety
AttachMint files are secured with AES 256 bit encrypted and your connection to our server is encrypted with an RSA 2048 bit key and Secure Sockets Layer.
Big File Sending and Transferring plans Simple affordable plans
AttachMint offers three simple plans without all the confusing 'extras' you don't need! One free service & two affordable paying plans offering larger file capabilities & storage.